Improve Outdoor Living Space

Is your backyard bare and feeling a little empty? If you’re looking to add some more living space to your backyard, consider getting a deck or patio built. It’s like having another living room sticking out into your yard, allowing you to enjoy the fresh air for over half the year!

You may have seen some of your neighbors with incredible patios and thought “Well gosh, I’d sure love to get one of those in MY yard!” It’s a great place to have a BBQ and bring friends over to hang out.

You might think it’s a big investment to get one, but I’ll tell you that not one person I know ever regretted getting themselves that snazzy back yard deck. There is also a price difference depending on whether you’re looking to get a composite deck, or a standard, old-school wooden deck. And that’s not the only factor that dictates how much it’s going to cost to get yourself your very own deck. You also need to take into account the size of the deck, the labor and the furnishings if you want to get a clear picture of how much you’re going to spend.

If you’re looking for an average estimate of how much a deck will usually cost, you could probably say that most of them average between 2,000 dollars to 15,000 dollars for between 200 and 500 square feet. If you’re looking to get something a little more on the luxurious side, like a raised deck or a custom deck with specific features, you could be looking at spending something closer to 36,000 dollars. However, the average spending on getting a new deck for most homeowners in the U.S. is between 4,000 and 10,000 dollars.

The size and shape of your deck, porch or patio will definitely play a big part in how much you’re going to have to spend when getting it installed. It will also have a direct impact on how much you’ll need to invest in labor.

When you take everything into consideration there’s definitely a lot to think about when taking on a big project like getting a nice new deck installed on your house, but once you’ve got one you won’t regret it! Make sure to hire reliable deck builder Nashua services to get the job done right.

Covered Patios Make an Impression

Another amazing way to bring curb appeal and create a high-end and inviting look to your home is building out a covered patio area. Many home builders these days are opting for paving an area with stone that goes right up flush against the edge of the house, and then extending the roof line over it, supporting the overhang with gorgeous columns.

Columns for a covered patio area can add height, visual appeal, and are a great way to add style touches. Patios in themselves can be a multi purpose area, for entertaining, setting up a grill and patio furniture set, as well as using it for planter boxes and growing herbs and other delicate plants and flowers.

Patios can also be open areas, or many homeowners opt for having a pergola built over their patio. This type of structure adds an element of structure without inhibiting views and sunlight, and can be simply elegant and stunning. Consider stringing up lights underneath the pergola, and setting up lounge chairs underneath to relax on a warm summer evening with family and friends. Paved patios are a service that many deck and porch contractors provide, as well as landscapers that work with stone pavers. However, if you are looking to add a shade structure, whether it extends off your main house or is free-standing, make sure you go with a local decking contractor that has experience as a builder not only the landscape aspect of it.